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PE Direct are proud to be working with Trinity Fields Special School and Resource Centre.  We have nothing short of wonderful feedback from all of our staff in relation to their experience there.  Everyone who has been to the school has consistently described the staff as welcoming, friendly and supportive.  This resonated when we visited Trinity Fields School yesterday.  We were really touched by how welcoming everyone was – it is clear to see that the staff at the school have a genuine, intrinsic desire to make a real difference to the pupils, and what a fantastic job they do each day to create a fun, caring and inclusive environment for all.  We are so happy to award Trinity Fields our school of the term award.  Here are just some of the comments from our staff;

“Trinity Fields allows for the opportunity to teach and assist a wide and diverse range of pupils with numerous special educational needs. Having spent a good few weeks there now I have been provided with opportunities to work with different age groups in different contexts. For example, assisting pupils within PE and practical based subjects, as well as working alongside pupils within the classroom. Trinity Fields is a well organised, structured school which offers vast experiences to those seeking employment within the education sector. Engaging with pupils, assisting classroom teachers and being someone to turn to, is one of the most rewarding things I have ever had the pleasure of being part of. The friendly staff are always happy to help and the pupils are simply amazing. Trinity Fields has allowed me to develop in leaps and bounds and has ushered me along my continuous professional development as a future teacher.”  – Callum Whalley

“Trinity Fields has been the most rewarding school I have ever worked in.  Both the staff and students embraced me with open arms, and I felt a part of the team from the word go.  If you are looking for experience that is both valuable and rewarding, then Trinity Fields is the school for this”  – Kyle McGovern

“Trinity Fields is a fantastic school that provides lots of opportunities for the children.  I have been provided with so many opportunities here whilst on supply, which has hugely developed my knowledge and skill-set in relation to Special Educational Needs provision. The staff are always friendly and welcoming, and always offer as much support as they can.  The Teachers are fantastic – they always set the children learning/developmental goals and are always motivated to get the children involved as much as they can.” – Emily Neale

“Trinity is a lovely school.  All the staff are so friendly, and the staff in my class have been so welcoming and supportive. I am thoroughly enjoying my experience here” – Lauren Bennett

Well done to Trinity Fields, and thank you for allowing us the opportunity to work with such wonderful staff and pupils.