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Dr Jonathan Hicks, the Headteacher (pictured above) put the growing success of St Cyres down to 4 key things:


He said ‘many factors play a critical part in our success’ including: 
  • The high expectation of all staff and governor.
  • Close monitoring of individual children’s progress.
  • Talented, committed and hardworking staff.
  • The wholehearted support received from parents and the wider community.

Pe Direct staff comments..

It’s modern appearance is matched with its technological advancements within as modern tech accompanied with new and innovative ways of educating children is what makes st Cyres a unique and enjoyable environment to work in. – David Janes


  • Well equipped facilities
  • Full time staff members of PE department are helpful and enthusiastic also offering freedom to work and tailor lessons how you feel appropriate
  • Students are polite
  • Lessons are heavily game focused
  • A host of sports are offered outside standard invasion games keeping days working their interesting as you get to coach across many sports and activities – Tom Lewis

“Well organised for cover staff o come on and manage the class. Cover work is always left with clear understanding on what is needed to be done. Other staff will always help if needed. Children are generally well behaved and nice students”. – Dom Stapleton

“It’s one of the most professional and friendly schools that I have been to. The children are bright and eager to learn and the staff are always helpful and welcoming.” – Ellen Havard