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Teaching Assistant – Behavioural Support Assistant

Job Type: 1:1 – behaviour support for ESBD

Location: Cardiff

Term: Full-time

Start Date: ASAP

We are currently looking for a behaviour support Teaching Assistant, to work on a full-time basis with a designated 1:1 pupil in a Secondary School within the Cardiff area.

As a 1:1 Teaching Assistant, you will be working to support your designated pupil on a one to one basis. You will support the pupil to engage in learning activities within the mainstream classroom, and outside of the classroom where needed. The pupil will need support in developing their self-confidence, and social interaction skills. You will encourage them to take pride in their achievements, be confident in group participation, and in sharing ideas, as well as respecting those of others.

You will need to build an extremely strong rapport with the pupil, capturing their interest in forming a bond with you, based on trust and mutual respect. You will represent yourself as a positive role model for the pupils, supporting them to appropriately manage their behaviour and emotions, by helping and guiding them to channel these in a healthy and calm manner. You will work with them to help them understand their frustrations, and how to work through/resolve them for a positive outcome, ensuring that they feel cared for and listened to. You will set boundaries and routine, and support the child to respect and engage in these, as an effective behaviour management technique.

The right person for this job will be calm, supportive and nurturing, but with the ability to be firm but fair where needed. You will be someone that they can look to for support and advice, as well as someone that they look up to and respect. You will ensure that they feel safe, secure and confident in asking for help and channelling their emotions effectively.

In order to apply for this role, you must have relevant and proven experience of working with children, experience of supporting those with behavioural issues, and excellent interpersonal skills.

This is an excellent opportunity for someone who wants to work with children and has a passion for supporting those with additional needs. Training and support is provided, so this is also a good opportunity for someone who wants to develop, whilst taking on a new challenge.

Should you wish to apply for this position, please send your CV, detailing all relevant skills/experience.

Job offer is subject to relevant and satisfactory references and documentation (we can help to facilitate this).

Salary: £60 a day

PE Cover Supervisor - High School

Job Type: PE Cover Supervisor

Location: Cardiff, Caerphilly & RCT

Term: Full-Time, Part Time and flexible work available

Start Date: Immediate

Who should apply:  Sports Undergraduates/Graduates and Sports Coaches

PE Direct is an agency run by PE (Physical Education) and BESD (Behavioural, Emotional, Social Disorder) specialists.

We are experiencing an increasing demand for PE Cover Supervisors to cover for PE teachers in high school PE Departments on a day to day basis so sports under-graduates as well as graduates can apply. We work in partnership with Cardiff Met and USW, and can facilitate paid placements. This is ideal for those who need to complete their placements hours and want to gain valuable PE experience whilst getting paid.

You can also work as a 1:1 teaching assistant if you’re a sports graduate or a qualified sports coach and enjoy working with children with challenging behaviour. 1:1 teaching assistant positions are usually full-time and longer-term and involve building strong relationships with a single pupil with special educational needs.

We are the only specialist PE & BESD teaching agency in Wales and welcome applicants with the relevant sports experience and qualifications to work as a PE Cover Supervisor which includes applicants with sports coaching and sports degrees. We have found that candidates with sports backgrounds make excellent behavioural assistants which is why we can offer behavioural work as well as PE.

Because we are PE & BESD specialists you will receive an unrivalled professional development programme and we are always on the end of a phone should you need advice at any time.

The Role:

  • Cover day to day bookings when regular PE staff are absent due to illness or courses.
  • To supervise basic games type activities in PE lessons in high schools.
  • To cover for general classroom lessons when required (optional).
  • 1:1 teaching assistant for pupil with behavioural disorder.
  • The ability to engage all of the children involved in your lesson.


  • To complete ‘behavioural management’, ‘safe practice’ and ‘good practice’ induction/training.
  • Commit yourself to the ongoing professional development of your skills and knowledge.
  • To be person centred in all aspects of your role.


  • Unrivaled professional development.
  • Relevant, well-paid experience for under-graduates
  • Excellent experience for PGCE and graduate employment
  • Excellent pay

Salary: £75.00 a day

Long term Teaching Assistant

Job Type:  Long term Teaching Assistant Secondary 1:1 ASD Support

Location: Caerphilly

Term: Immediate start

Start Date: ASAP

An exciting job opportunity has become available within a special educational school in Caerphilly. The school caters to pupils aged 3-19 years with a range of SEN requirements. We are looking for an enthusiastic Teaching Assistant to support pupils with ASD within a secondary class. The role is confirmed to start ASAP and will continue and a long-term basis until July 2020.

 This school is extremely well reputed, with excellent facilities and broad links to various external agencies and the wider community. Someone who is ambitious to develop, and keen to make an impact would fit in well here. 

As a 1:1 Teaching Assistant, you will be supporting children with ASD within a dedicated special educational needs school. You will work closely with the respective class Teacher, Teaching Assistants and relevant external agencies to implement and support the delivery of the pupils IEP, modifying it accordingly as you go along. You will support the children to feel confident in learning, in their ability and inspire them to maintain a positive approach to education. You will support the child in achieving learning and developmental milestones, to include academic aspects, as well as their social and emotional development. You will support and encourage the child to take part in group and wider class/school activities, and ensure that they feel included in peer groups. You will support the child to develop, understand, and implement positive behaviour using praise and reward to guide them.

This is a fantastic opportunity for someone who wants to develop their skills. Relevant training will be provided from both the school Leadership team, and relevant external agencies. This role is well suited to someone who is able to work intuitively, who has a genuine desire for supporting those with Special Needs, and who wants to have a positive impact in moulding young minds.

In order to apply for this job you need to have:

  • Proven and relevant experience of supporting children with Special Educational Needs, particularly Autism/behaviour support
  • The ability to demonstrate and promote positive behaviour
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills and the ability to work as part of a team
  • A strong work ethic, with a committed and enthusiastic attitude
  • Willingness to undertake training

This is an excellent opportunity for someone with a passion for supporting Special Educational needs, who would like to work in an extremely supportive environment, where there is opportunity for personal and professional development.

Should you wish to apply for this position, please send your current CV immediately. We are expecting a high volume of applications for this job, so please ensure that your CV details all of your relevant skills/experience and qualifications, as well as any other information that you feel will support your application. For enquiries, please call 02921 303555.

Please note that our ability to offer you this job is subject my ability to obtain satisfactory references and documentation, we assist in facilitating this.

Salary: £60 day

Teaching Assistant – BSL and Physical/Medical

Job Type:  Primary School Teaching Assistant – BSL and Physical/Medical

Location: Caerphilly

Location: Caerphilly

Term: Full-time

Start Date: Immediate

A friendly Primary school in Caerphilly have a job available for a Teaching Assistant to provide support for a year 4 pupil with complex physical and medical needs and severe hearing impairments on a 1:1 basis within the SRB.

As a 1:1 practitioner you will support the child to access the curriculum via the use of BSL. The pupil is wheelchair bound but is able to use this independently as well as having independent mobility. The pupil is also peg fed for which full training is provided and may need some support with self care.

You will ensure that they are able to understand what they are required to do under the direction of the class teacher, and assist in the asking and answering of any questions they may have about the work that has been set, ensuring that they are working at a comfortable pace to meet learning goals.

You will also support the pupil in all aspects of classroom interaction, group activities, and wider school life. You will build an effective working relationship with the pupils, ensuring that they feel that they can approach you for help, and working closely with them to build their confidence in all aspects.

Should you wish to apply for this position, you will need;

  • Relevant and referenceable experience of working with children
  • The ability to communicate via British Sign Language to a good standard
  • Experience of working with children with physical and medical needs
  • A Teaching Assistant qualification to a minimum of Level 1
  • An empathetic and approachable manner
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • A genuine desire to support the pupil, enhancing learning and development

This job is to commence November 2019.

Should you wish to apply, please send your CV detailing relevant skills and experience.

Job offer is subject to satisfactory references and documentation.

Salary: £60.00 a day

Welsh Speaking Teaching Assistants and Cover Supervisors

Job Type:  Welsh Speaking Teaching Assistants and Cover Supervisors

Location: Cardiff & Caerphilly

Term: Long term, permanent, and flexible hours available

Start Date: Immediate

We are currently working closely with an increasing number of Primary and Secondary Schools in Cardiff & Caerphilly, and are looking for a number of Teaching Assistants and cover supervisorsfor upcoming temporary, short term and long-term jobs.

We have a number of roles available, both short term, and full time and long term. We can offer flexible working hours for those who wish, and also have opportunities available for those who are looking to secure long term and permanent jobs.

Job duties:

Assisting the class teacher in supporting the development of learning (Numeracy, literacy, social and physical development)

Preparation of resources for lessons and activities

To work as part of a team for the provision of a learning orientated environment

To monitor and record the progress and development of the pupils

To apply you will need to have the following;

  • Ability to communicate fluently in all aspects of the Welsh Language
  • Relevant and proven experience of working with children
  • The ability to be reliable, flexible and adaptable
  • Excellent communication skills
  • A positive, friendly and supportive attitude and a pro-active approach
  • The following are helpful but not essential;
  • Teaching small groups would be an advantage
  • SEN experience would be an advantage

The right person for this job will be kind, supportive and nurturing. You will be someone that the pupils can look to for support and advice and will help to ensure that they feel safe, secure and confident in asking for help and in learning.

Should you wish to apply for this position, please send your CV, detailing all relevant skills/experience as soon as possible.

Salary: £60 per day